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Harm Reduction


Harm reduction is grounded in human rights and justice that refers to policies, programs and practices that aim to minimize negative health, social and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug policies and drug laws.

What is Bristol doing for harm reduction?

There are programs and resources in place to help individuals that are victims of opioids to recover and reduce associated health risks/behaviors.  

Direct Services/Recovery Coaches: Contact our Mobile Vans for resources, referrals, transportation to services/treatment, shelter referrals, for syringe exchange, free Narcan/Naloxone, and much, much more.

860-883-9587 & Ask for Kay or Jose. They are here to help! 

The Benefits of Harm Reduction
  • Cost Savings - The unit cost of interventions being relatively low

  • Spread of Disease - Harm reduction programs have been shown to lower HIV risk and hepatitis transmission

  • Treatment Referral and Initiation - Gateway to addiction treatment programs, offering non-judgmental information and assistance

  • Overdose Prevention - Harm reduction programs have been shown to prevent overdose

  • Community Safety and Contamination Prevention -  Harm reduction programs reduce improper syringe disposal which reduces the number of contaminated syringes circulating in the community, and protects emergency response and public safety officers from accidental needle-stick injuries.


Additional Videos on Harm Reduction 

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